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Sep 09

7 Common Questions Regarding Meditation

A Light in the Darkness

I am writing this article as a follow-up to a guest post that I wrote for The Art of Manliness Website, “A Primer on Meditation“. I feel that the article was well received, and almost all of the comments have been positive, except for the inevitable internet trolls. While perusing the comments sections, there were …

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May 28

Disregarding End of the World, and Conspiracy Theory Myths

Baby Jason Tin Foil Hat

Recently the world was abuzz because of a theory from Harold Camping, the millionaire owner of the Christian Family Radio Network, that the rapture of Christians would occur on May 21, 2011. Although Harold Camping made a similar prediction in 1994, which obviously was incorrect, thousands of people sold, or donated, everything they owned to …

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Mar 21

Being Happy… Right Now

Living in the now can be a daunting task, because it requires you to stop looking at your past mistakes, and stop solely focusing on the future, which may never come. By constantly looking at your past, or solely focusing on the future, you are forgetting to live in the moment. While this may seem …

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Mar 20

Introduction To Spiritual Development

A lifetime covers a relatively brief period of time, yet few people choose to live life to the fullest and earnestly seek spiritual development during their lives. In today‚Äôs busy and self-centered society, we are too often more concerned with the newest fashion trend, electronic gadget, celebrity faux pa, or work debacle than our personal …

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