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Oct 16

Just Breathe

Grand Teton Mountains, Jackson Hole Wyoming

What do you do roughly 20,000 times a day, but rarely notice? If you are alive (which I hope you are if you are able to read this) I guarantee that you are doing it right now… that’s right you are breathing. The average person takes about 20,000 breaths a day, but most people rarely …

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Sep 09

7 Common Questions Regarding Meditation

A Light in the Darkness

I am writing this article as a follow-up to a guest post that I wrote for The Art of Manliness Website, “A Primer on Meditation“. I feel that the article was well received, and almost all of the comments have been positive, except for the inevitable internet trolls. While perusing the comments sections, there were …

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Mar 30

Coming to Terms with the Past in Order to Enjoy the Now.


When thinking about the past, most people tend to dwell on the negative, instead of focusing on the positive things in their past. For example, when I used to look back on my undergraduate days, instead of thinking about how I met my wife, achieved in school, had many pleasurable experiences, etc. In the past I tended to …

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Mar 27

Subduing the Ego… the Pesky, Pesky Ego

GSR Temple Stained Glass

Today our society seems content with feeding the lowest part of our psyche, what is generally termed as “the ego”. The ego is the part of your psyche that constantly seeks out gratification as well as praise and acceptance from others.  The ego is the voice in your head which constantly fills your waking moments, …

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Mar 25

The Frailty of Life

Dad and Jason II

I am sitting next to my father who is lying in a hospital bed, and I can’t help but be reminded about how frail life truly is. As I walk down the hallways people are in a daze from worry and grief, shuffling from one point to the other. I overheard one person state that …

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Mar 21

Being Happy… Right Now

Living in the now can be a daunting task, because it requires you to stop looking at your past mistakes, and stop solely focusing on the future, which may never come. By constantly looking at your past, or solely focusing on the future, you are forgetting to live in the moment. While this may seem …

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